Uskarpt bilde av en person som står foran en bygning.

What is §112?

The very first §112 Fredrikstad will be held in 2024, and is a small world arena, or festival if you will, from May to October. With a wide range of art and cultural experiences we explore the question: are we good ancestors? This first festival is a pilot: a test arena for ideas, where the ambition is for §112 to return every three years.

Foto. En mann står i vannet med fugler som flyr rundt ham.
Foto. Et barn som løper i en åker omringet av korn.

A warning concerning our environment

The name for the festival comes from a basic idea that is anchored in the Norwegian Constitution’s climate clause: §112. It states, among other things, that «Everyone has the right to an environment that ensures health, and to a nature where productivity and diversity are preserved. Nature’s resources must be managed based on a long-term and comprehensive consideration that safeguards this right also for posterity.»

What kind of imprint do we leave behind, and what kind of ancestors do we become? The name also plays on the international emergency number; 112, as an image of us shouting a warning concerning nature and the climate crisis.

Room for diversity in experiences

The theme and values ​​for §112 are climate, environment and what we leave behind for later generations, and the means are primarily art and cultural experiences. There will also be room for debate and conversations. Our goal is to give the audience a new take and approach to reflection and engagement. Stories and experiences that can be perceived differently for everyone, but which provides common ground.

Foto. Kvinne i kjole går gjennom støvete mark.

Curatorial concept

To adjust our course, we as humanity need to collaborate and think and act in new ways. We must learn from the good ideas across borders and sectors. We must loosen up old structures, rethink things we take for granted and find inspiring utopias to strive for. The abstract must become concrete, and the concrete must be elevated into a larger picture. Art can play an important role here, and this is what §112 explores the possibility of.

The core of §112’s program is professional stakeholders who engage in dialogue with places and actors within the circle drawn around Fredrikstad, in order to develop and present works that relate in different ways to §112’s thematic umbrella.

The program will engage a wide range of the population and will consist of various art forms developed and performed by both local and international artists.

It is also a central objective for §112 to explore how different participants, across sectors, can work together in constructive interaction with synergy effects for all parties. New collaborations that can lead to innovative works, and educational processes that we can build on also in a long-term perspective.

The collaboration within the cultural sector is also a central starting point for creating something large and holistic, where new constellations arise and different competences are given room to complement each other.

In order to tie the various works together, and make §112 a long but coherent conversation, reflection and discussion about how we can be good ancestors, there will be a series of public meetings and expanding events throughout the period.

Contact us

Fredrikstad municipality and Østfold International Theatre is behind §112 Fredrikstad. 

Ingar Guttormsen at Fredrikstad Municipality is the project manager, and Thomas Østgaard at Østfold International Theatre leads the curatorial programme. 

They both wish to inspire and motivate local stakeholders and all collaborators to shed light on what kind of imprint we leave behind for the future, through their different expressions and genres. 

For more information or questions, please feel free to contact us:

Ingar Guttormsen, project manager

Thomas Østgaard, curator

Foto. Thomas Østgaard og Ingar Guttormsen holder en fysisk versjon av paragraf 112 sin logo.
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